NEW-Identifying Husqvarna Counterfeit  

source: Husqvarna AB, Sweden


What is a counterfeit?

A counterfeit is a product marketed and sold with the intention to present it as another genuine product. Counterfeiters (the ones engaged in manufacturing, distribution and sales of counterfeit) are knowingly engaged in an activity that is criminal and are often part of established criminal networks. 

Counterfeiting affects all industries, including ours. Counterfeiting has become a real threat to consumer safety and health since the counterfeiters need not pay any attention to manufacturing processes, safety features, industry standard compliance etc, since they need only sell an empty shell at the same time as they try very hard to stay under the radar of brand owners and law enforcement. Counterfeits damage our brand as well as all our distributors and dealers. Counterfeit jeopardize brand as well as it has an impact on sales. 

Counterfeit in relation to Husqvarna products

The counterfeits will be manufactured in China and the production is on order. That means that the manufacturer will have no or limited stock of counterfeits. Instead, they will produce all products in relation to one order, often to an overseas buyer. This buyer will then distribute the counterfeits in the market of destination, for instance Poland. 

The most common counterfeit of Husqvarna owned brands and products are Husqvarna chainsaws and oil which means that we are focusing on these products in relation to fighting counterfeit.

How to recognize a counterfeit

Look for the P & O´s: Point of sale, price, product apperance and origin.

Point of sale

New Husqvarna branded products are only sold via authorized dealers. Sales from non-authorized dealers are very likely to be counterfeit. Sales via online of new Husqvarna products not originating from an authorized dealer is highly likely to be counterfeit. 
The most counterfeited Husqvarna chainsaw models – the 365, 372XP and 395XP – all made in Sweden. A statement of “Made in China” is in these cases an indication that the product is counterfeit.


Substantially lower price than normal may indicate counterfeit. In many cases the price is substantially lower for a counterfeit.

Product appearance

The look quality and content of the packaging boxes will not look right. The serialnumber may be old and the same for several products. There may be misspelling of Husqvarna. The product in itself will have slightly the wrong color, weight and “feel”.


The products stated origin may be of help when detecting a counterfeit. “Made in China” on a Husqvarna chainsaw normally made in Sweden is a clear indication that you may have encountered a counterfeit. 

Many counterfeits, such as these ones, are easy to detect.

However, since the quality of counterfeit has improved over the years, it might at times be very difficult to distinguish a counterfeit from a genuine one. 

The quality of counterfeit Husqvarna chainsaws has improved over the years and at times it may be difficult to establish whether a chainsaw is in fact a counterfeit. The following may serve as help for making the distinction between counterfeit and genuine Husqvarna chainsaws. 

The most often counterfeited Husqvarna chainsaw is the Husqvarna 365 special, followed by the models 372XP and 395XP. We have seen an increase of the smaller saws – models 137, 142e and 240 – but these are not dominating yet.

Genuine Husqvarna chainsaw

Fake Husqvarna chainsaw

Genuine Husqvarna chainsaws will be bright orange in color. The feel of the throttle and handle should be smooth. Counterfeit Husqvarna chainsaws are often rigid, edgy and stiff in relation to throttle and handlebars. Also the chainbrake on a counterfeit is often quite rigid and not elastic. On appearance you see that it may be difficult to do the distinction without closer examination.



One of the best ways to determine a counterfeit is to remove the lid to the airfilter. A genuine Husqvarna airfilter will be of high quality, marked with the “EM” mark. A counterfeit will usually be of poor quality and lacking markings.



A genuine Husqvarna chainsaws lid to the petrol- and oiltanks will be attached with a nylon string. A counterfeit will be attached with a plastic pin. A new counterfeit chainsaw will also quite often have a strong smell of gasoline.



A genuine Husqvarna chainsaw will have a riveted black metal tag with holding the product number and the serial number. Genuine Husqvarna chainsaws will have unique serial numbers. Counterfeit chainsaws will have black metal tags, sometimes riveted to the chainsaw body but often glued to the body, and will often bear old or the same serial numbes as other counterfeits.


If you suspect the sale of counterfeit Husqvarna products and would like us to assist you in verifying, please contact us at (Peninsular Msia) 03-7958 2186 (Sabah) 088-428 684