Construction Products

Husqvarna Construction Products is the world leader when it comes to equipment and diamond tools for the construction and stone industry. Husqvarna provides users all over the world with the most efficient and reliable equipment there is. By doing this Husqvarna ensure that the professional users will be proud of a job well done. And proud professionals are Husqvarna’s best reward.

Our extensive range of Husqvarna Construction Products includes:

Floor and Road Saws / Wall and Wire Saws / Tile and Masonry Saws / Drill Motors / Machines for Surface Preparation and Concrete Polishing / Power Cutters and Diamond Tools.






Stanley Hydraulic Tools is the global leader of hydraulic tools offering a wide range of products, and is proud to introduce the V SERIES line of hand held hydraulic tools. Stanley V SERIES are versatile, high performing tools designed specifically for applications found in the global infrastructure market.
Stanley V SERIES offers several tools for infrastructure applications, whether it’s water municipalities, road maintenance, mining or search and rescue operation, V SERIES tools provide the performance and versatility that the industry has come to expect from Stanley.
STANLEY QUALITY POLICY “Stanley Hydraulic Tools is committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations in regard to our products, services, and all interactions. Our dedication to continuously improve Safety, Quality, Delivery, Inventory, and Cost is the key to realizing that commitment.”
Professionals turn to hydraulic tools when they need to get the job done. Nothing matches the performance of hydraulic tools as compressed oil transfers energy more effi ciently than compressed air. The inherent effi ciencies result in longer life of the tool along with increased power and reliability.

Power Unit

Hydraulic Breakers

Chipping Hammers

Cut-Off Saw

Diamond Chain Saw

Auto Pipe Cutter

Trash Pump


Core Drill

Ventilating Fan

Earth Auger

Vibrating Impact Plate