Green Project Certificate

Cert No. : GTFS/E/C0073




MyLED LED products represent the future of the lighting industry. Unlike the conventional lighting markets, the LED market is becoming more efficient every day. With energy usage approximately half of the equivalent fluorescent and up to ten times more efficient than standard incandescent lighting, the return on the investment can be very attractive. Another benefit is the lifetime of the product. The life expectancy of LED lamps ranges from 50,000+ hours resulting in extended periods of time without maintenance or replacement. LED products will offer everything from replacement of PAR lamps to street lights and more.

MyLED industrial grade LED Solid State Lightings are fully manufactured in Malacca, Malaysia with the highest industry’s standards backed by joint partnerships and collaboration in R&D with Osram Opto Semiconductor, Germany (LED for lighting), Amprex International, japan (LED Lighting Solution) and Nagase Technology, Japan (various LED lighting solution). 

This translates into a wide range of high quality and durable LED Solid State Lightings which cater from home to industrial as well as commercial market. Because MyLED products are locally produced, we are able to provide customization in which we work closely with our clients to achieve the best LED lighting solutions both in terms of technical and design aspects, which sets us apart from our counterparts.

- Up to 5 years warranty

- Up to 90% on Power Saving

- More brightness

- Mercury Free ( Eco Friendly )

- Low Lumen Decay

- No Flickering

- No UV and IR

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High Bay LED Light

Down LED Light Series

High Mast LED Light

LED Light Bulb

LED Projector Light

Sport LED Light Series

Street LED Light

Tube LED Light Series